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In today's increasingly online market spaces where the client is seemingly just a click away companies are seeking to bring new and innovative products to market faster… either to seize upon a new trend or steal a march on the competition. It is simple in theory but often fraught with complexity and delay in practice.

The erosion of "true" customer contact in the online era demands simplicity and transparency in product definition, design and delivery. In some markets regulators and industry bodies alike are driving product quality initiatives intent on achieving such goals.

In spite of renewed focus on product development, agility and time to market remain a struggle for many companies not least due to inefficient procedures and conflicts of interest over time and resources.

The Product Approval Process (PAP) Business Model applies structure to product approval processes. Delivered as a phased approach comprising analysis & report, improvement and automation it addresses the common business and organizational issues…

  • Reviews existing processes
  • Identifies inefficiencies
  • Assesses satkeholdersl
  • Verifies collateral
  • Evaluates risks & compliance

Whilst streamlining the process it enables companies to sign off new product initiatives at each stage in the product development lifecycle. All in all a sound proposition for accelerating speed to market and operational excellence.


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Product Approval Process
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